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With many years experience building luxury homes, SLV's status as a prominent quality builder in Sudbury will leave you with nothing but a dream come true and a place you can call your own.



During your consultation, we like to get a strong understanding of everything our client is looking for in their dream home.


Before we begin construction we need to ensure that every aspect of the architectural plans is to industry standards as well as ensure our clients satisfaction with the design of their future home.


During this stage in your project, you will be meeting at our showroom and making in-person decisions on interior finishes. From front door locks, to shower heads we provide you with the ability to make your selections in house.


During this phase, we turn all of your dreams into reality. From excavation to finishing touches we like to include our clients in this process. 


After the entire home is complete we like to do one final walk thru with our clients to ensure that they are happy and the completed home is everything they dreamed of.


Even after the project is completed we like to follow up with the homeowners to ensure they are still content with their new home.
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